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NEW Year 5s summer holidays homework 2020-2021


We are so excited about you moving from year 4 into upper school.  Miss Baker and Mrs Huxley have told us how fantastic you all are, so we are really looking forward to getting to know you in September.


Our main topic in the Autumn term will be Ancient Greece and we will be discovering the wonderful history, culture, myths and legends of this fascinating time in history. A letter will come out to parents/carers this week about our stunning start to this topic in September.




Over the summer holidays, we would love you to complete an Art or DT project based on the Greek myth of Icarus. The Ancient Greeks loved their mythical stories and this one is all about a man named Icarus who built wings to escape...we don't want to give away the plot; read the story below or watch it being told as a cartoon, here. The details of your task are included in the documents below.


Finally, before you come back to school in September, remember to get back on TTRockstars to practise your times tables and revise your spellings to make sure you remember all your hard work from earlier in the year. We have included the spelling lists below. 


In the meantime, keep safe, rest and enjoy time with family and friends over the holidays. If you are looking for ideas for things to do over summer, look at these optional summer holidays activities. Fingers crossed the sun shines for us all! 


Dr James and Miss Ainsworth smiley