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Geography - Garden or Room Mapping

VIDEO INTRODUCTION TO MAP TASK ... Starring Mr T as 'The Teacher'

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CREATE A MAP OF YOUR GARDEN (or room in your house)


Back at school before lockdown, Year 3 had spent a lot of time learning mapping skills, including the use of a key, identifying which way was north (orientation of the map), positioning of objects accurately and the importance of scale (size).


Using these skills, the children of Year 3 drew detailed maps of their own desk as a starter (which proved more challenging than people thought it would be!), followed by a map of the whole classroom. The second part really challenged positioning and sizing of objects!




This week, we would like you to practice these skills again, this time to map your whole garden, or, if you prefer, another room in the house.


Things to include:

A compass - work out (maybe using the compass on a smartphone) which was is north

A scale line - measure the width and length of the garden (roughly - one stride = 1 metre)

A key - you don't want to draw every plant! Repeated items can have a SIMPLE picture

Objects about the right size and position - careful where things are put and how big/small they are ... do they look in the right place on the map? ... does everything in your garden fit on the map?


Mr T drew a map of the whole school field as an example of what it could look like (you will all be doing this when we get back!). HAVE A LOOK AT MR T'S EXAMPLE BELOW to see how he set things out to help you.


There are BLANK TEMPLATES BELOW to draw your map, key and compass on to, or you can make your own map up totally from scratch using the ideas. 


Send in pictures or scans of your finished maps to show off your skills!

Audio introduction for Mapping your Garden (or a room in your home) by Mr T

Classroom Map - Examples for ideas for layout and what to include in your own garden / room maps

Map of School Field by Mr T - Ideas for layout, key and positioning / size of objects for your garden map