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Topic - Mindfulness/PE

It is really important that you regularly take time for yourself to relax, unwind and exercise. Excerising releases things called endorphins which make you feel happy! 


So, on this Friday afternoon we would like you to do exactly that! 


Please have a go at the guided breathing exercises or guided meditation from last week first THEN do some exercise of your choice! This could be going for a walk, a run, a bike ride...even just dancing about the house to your favourite music! We have included some good (and strange) yoga videos below if you fancied having a go at some yoga at home! 


We do not expect any work or photos for this task but feel free to drop us a message when you submit the task to let us know what you did. 

Rainbow Yoga 🌈 Yoga For All Ages! 🌈 Yoga With Adriene

Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!