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Mindfulness - Take a Picture of Spring!


Take a Photo of a Sign of Spring!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am getting pretty fed up of all the cold and wet weather. I want cheering up and need to know that spring is just around the corner and ready to leap into action!


Over half term, as you enjoy walks with the family out in the sunshine (fingers crossed!), we would like you to look for SIGNS OF SPRING.


These could be the shoots of flowers breaking through the soil,  buds on trees getting ready to open, or perhaps the tracks of animals out and about making nests and homes for a new family!


When you discover something that makes you (and us) smile, get out the camera or phone and take a snap. You can be in the picture too if you like ... or just a close up of your discovery. Then send it to us to pop on the website for everyone to share and smile about!


Just a little task to give all of Year 3 (and their teachers) hope for a beautiful and warm spring to come!