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Art - Create your own 'Rainbow Name'


Create your very own "RAINBOW NAME"


You have had lots of practice sketching and colouring step-by-step, producing some fantastic cartoon creatures with Rob and beautiful flowers with Mother Nature!


This week, we thought it would be nice to create a Year 3 collage of children in Year 3 holding up their name coloured as a rainbow. SEE EXAMPLES IN THE GALLERY BELOW


This will be a fantastic reminder to all your friends that we are all safe and well at home, as well as showing our support for the incredible workers of the NHS, Care Homes and all other Key Workers who are working so hard (and putting themselves at risk) during this challenging time.



Draw out your first name in a style of your choice and as large as you can onto a piece of A4 paper (you can stick two together to make A3 if your have a longer name!). The writing should be hollow (blank in the middle) so you can colour the inside in a rainbow style.


How you colour is up to you. Each letter could be a rainbow, you could make stripes that are vertical or horizontal, or perhaps colour each letter a different rainbow colour. If you want, you can border (or shadow)  the letters to make them stand out. SEE EXAMPLES IN THE GALLERY BELOW.


If you want to colour the rest of the page, that is fine, but make sure your name is still clear and easy to read.


Once finished, either send in a picture of you holding up your name. If you want to wear glasses, a wig or rainbow colour your hair or face ... go for it!  If you would prefer just to send in a photo of you name (without you in it), that's fine too!


We shall make a collage of all these pictures to show Year 3 supporting each other and beyond :-)

Ideas and examples from the internet to get you started off!