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Tanzania Day July 2021

The kindness council worked hard to help our partner school, Msimbu Primary School, in Tanzania by organising a non-uniform Tanzania Day. We asked pupils and staff to come in wearing the Tanzanian flag colours (blue, green, yellow and black) in exchange for a donation. We managed to raise £140 that will now go to such a good cause.

On this day, we also had a geography lesson about Africa to learn more about the physical and human geography of our partner school's location. We even listened to the Tanzania national anthem! In our georgraphy lesson, we learnt that Africa is a very diverse place, made up of 54 different countries with over 1,500 languages spoken across the continent. During one activity, we studied some photographs and were asked to discuss and decide if we thought they were taken in Africa or not. We all had different views but we learnt that many of our perceptions of Africa were a little stereotypical and perhaps not accurate. We learnt that not all parts of Africa look the same and not all people have the same experiences. 


Written by Monty, Maddy and Isabella, Year 6 Kindness Council members - Class of 2021


Some very snazzy Tanzanian-themed outfits for our non-uniform fundraising day!