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Summer - Week 4



Hi everyone,


Hope you all had a fantastic VE Day Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine!


Huge thanks for all the lovely Home Learning that was sent in last week. We had: fantastically persuasive letters to Mr Arable; beautifully sketched flowers; detailed stories of pollination; careful observations of changes to Copthore School since 1842; spectacular Stone Age settlements and so much more! Well done to everyone who kept in touch and sent in work to be displayed in the numerous Year 3 photo galleries.


The Year 3 Summer Week 4 tasks and activities for Home Learning are now available to look at and start by clicking on the LADYBIRD below.


Please send your Home Learning work and photos directly to the Year 3 CLASS email addresses:


This will allow work to be found, checked and replied to far easier. Please continue to use the address for all other enquiries. Many thanks.


As always, we have tried to support the Home Learning in Year 3 with detailed task advice, examples of work and as many help resources and links as we can. We have also drawn up a suggested timetable to give some structure to the ‘school week’, but everything can be changed, moved round and cut back (or extended) depending on your home circumstances.


Like in previous weeks, we just wanted to reassure you that there is no expectation of how much you should do or when/how tasks should be carried out – these are very complicated and difficult times for everyone, so just do the best you can.


Please feel free to email us if you need any advice, help or support, as well as to send in any completed work or more fantastic photographs for us to post on the website!


Mr T and Miss Manley


PS -  if you fancy exploring the world, is a free website that has a variety of webcams streaming from across the globe! Miss Manley has particularly enjoyed watching the African animals- how many different animals can you see at the watering hole?