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Spellings Unit 15 - Adding Suffix '-es'

Unit 15 - Adding the Suffix '-es'

To keep on track with the spelling units being studied in class, we are setting the units missed as part of home learning.


Sadly, you cannot watch the videos, but we have downloaded the transcript (what the aliens say on the big screen!), the 'Dots and Dashes' pdf (questions and answers) and a 3-page scan from the class booklet to complete.


There are also two very short dictation sentences. These need to be read by an adult or someone else at home for you to write down in the usual spot. These can be marked letter-by-letter in the same way we do at school (remember your capital letters and full stops).



1.  Both the ladies over there have babies. 

2.  Flies seem to have giant bodies and tiny wings.