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Science Plants Task - Story of Pollination





Our science topic for the summer term is 'Potty About Plants', where, week-by-week, we aim to discover what makes plants 'tick'. 


This week, we are looking at how plants reproduce through the process of POLLINATION.


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to watch the various video clips and PowerPoints below to get an idea of what pollination is and how it happens step-by-step. There are LOTS of other resources and videos on the internet.


TASK - Write the 'Story of Pollination'

To make this more interesting and fun, we thought it might be nice to re-tell the process of pollination as a story with a cartoon-type character. In Mr T's examples, he has gone with some alliteration with 'Bertie the Bee'.


There are lots of examples and ideas below of how you could do this story:

  • As a PowerPoint using slide for each step of the story - Mr T has started off one of these
  • As a story board, with each panel a cartoon of what is happening with some writing to explain the action - there are two of these to help you, one is totally blank, the other has the writing filled in already
  • As a full story. Let your imagination run wild with a story that is full of excitement and characters. Mr T's example has 'Bertie the Bee' getting beaten up by 'Steve the Stamen' and covered in pollen, then having some issues with 'Susan the Sticky Stigma'. Have a read of the examples to give you some ideas
  • A simple information sheet that explains pollination step-by-step


Have a look through all the examples and decide on what way suits you best. Any problems or questions, just drop Mr T or Miss Manley an email.