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Science - Plants - Seed Dispersal



HOW SEEDS ARE SPREAD (seed distribution / dispersal)


Our science topic for the summer term is 'Potty About Plants', where, week-by-week, we aim to discover what makes plants 'tick'. 


This week, we are looking at how plants SPREAD their seeds through a process called SEED DISTRIBUTION or SEED DISPERSAL.


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to watch the various picture files, video clips and PowerPoints below to get an idea of what pollination is and how it happens step-by-step. There are LOTS of other resources and videos on the internet.


TASK - Complete the 'How are seeds spread?' information sheet

Below are TWO choices for you to use to explain how seeds are spread (dispersed). 


OPTION 1 - Write it your own way! There is a 'starter sheet' and then you can just add how seeds are spread however you want to explain / draw it.


OPTION 2 - Complete the task sheet "How Seeds are Spread". The second sheet has a learning objective, titles and pictures already in place. All you need to do is explain how seeds are spread in this way. There is an answer example sheet you can look at if you get stuck!

SEED DISPERSAL - Information and support resources

Seed dispersal -- The great escape

12 minutes long. Quite detailed, but child-friendly.

Seed Dispersal for Kids

How do seeds travel? They are dispersed by wind, water, and animals.