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Science Plants - Parts of a Plant

'Potty About Plants'

Parts of a plant

This half term we will be starting our new Science topic on plants. Week-by-week we will discover what makes plants 'tick'. We will look at the conditions plants need to grow and live well, the structure and function of the plant, pollination and seed distribution. 


We are going to start with the basics. This week we will look at the structure of the plant. 


After watching the VIDEO lesson (that will be on Google Classroom) your task is to draw a labelled picture of a plant. There is a very basic template attached but we ask that you try and challenge yourselves as much as possible. 


You will need to correctly label: 

  • Roots
  • Stem
  • Leaves
  • Flower
  • Bud
  • Fruit


As an extension, once you have finished this please can you write on sentence (in your own words)on what each part of a plant does. 

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