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We have had a couple of queries about this experiment. Here is how you could carry out the experiment (as an example): 


You have 3 eggshells (or 3 boiled eggs) in 3 separate cups. 1 cup could be full of water, 1 cup could be full of orange juice and the last cup could be full of coca-cola. On the recording template it does have space for 5 liquids but you don't have to do all 5. The experiment is to observe the eggshell (or boiled egg) in each liquid every day and then record the results. You can choose any liquids of your choice (this is just an example). Please use the resources above to support you with setting up the experiment and recording your findings. 


Have fun investigating! We look forward to hearing about what you observed about the egg in each of the liquids. 


Miss Baker and Mrs Huxley