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We are all very interested in learning about the democratic process at Copthorne Junior School! Just like adults in the UK elect Members of Parliament, we have the chance to elect School Councillors from our class to represent the class on the School Council.  At the beginning of the school year pupils who are interested run a campaign to win votes to become their Class Councillor. This year the children designed some incredible posters, created compelling powerpoints and prepared some persuasive speeches, to encourage their classmates to vote for them. Eventually, the last  three boys and girls in each class still in the running, gave a final battle speech. Then votes were cast secretly by every child in a class. Every pupil had one vote which was used to support one boy and one girl  in their class.


The School Councillors for 2019/2020 are...   


  • 3M Teagan & Lucas  
  • 3T  Theo & Ruby 
  • 4B  Lacey & Freddie 
  • 4H  Emily & George                                                     
  • 5A  Harrison & Isabella (Secretary) 
  • 5B  Saman & Samuel 
  • 6S  Neev & Ethan (Chair)
  • 6J  Cooper (Treasurer) & Inayah (Vice-Chair) 




Copthorne's  School Council is active and enthusiastic. The School Council is an opportunity for the children to voice any concerns or thoughts they have about their learning, school environment, safety and issues within the local and wider community. Any issues which have been discussed are then fed back to each class via their Council reps.


Our Year 5  representatives are involved in links with the East Grinstead Group of Schools (EGGS) - ‘The Omlets’; they have taken the opportunity to discuss any  issues which involve all schools within the area, visiting each other's schools.  The EGGS schools are involved in a campaign to raise awareness of 'Fast Fashion'.  They have discovered how to re-purpose old clothing and led a whole school assembly on this subject.  They are also planning a fashion show.


The School is looking to develop our Sensory Garden and the councillors are looking at designing a section of this area.