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Romeo's Indian (and more!) Cookery Zone

Romeo's Indian (and more!) Cookery Zone

Romeo's Homemade Turkey Burgers

Add some coriander and a dash of chili (or as much as you want) for extra flavour! Don't forget to brush with some butter before cooking.

Romeo's Top Tips for Chilli Mushrooms

According to Romeo, "These smell yummy!" His mum said that the ingredients do not need to be measured exactly as everybody has different taste buds and some people like it more or less spicy!

Romeo's Top Tips for Egg Keemo

This is a traditional Indian dish. It is just like scrambled eggs, but with added spices. You place the cooked mixture into a tortilla boat, then add some mash, grated cheese and diced onion on the top.


Romeo said he managed to eat 2 boats ... but the 3rd was too much as he was full up!

Romeo's Top Tips for his Chapati Recipe

The chapati making process is a messy one ... but SOOOOO much fun! Add more or less flour and oil depending on how many chapatis you are planning to make. My recipe made 20.


Romeo's Victoria Sponge Cupcakes - topped with jam and chocolate!

Romeo's Top Tips for Victoria Sponge Cup Cakes

Put the jam on the top ... then crumble up pieces of Cadbury's Twirl