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History- Settlements

Last week we took a look at food through the ages with some VERY interesting menus! 


This week we'd like you to investigate where people lived or their 'settlements'. There were quite a few changes to this from the start of the Stone Age to the Iron Age. There are also LOTS of different types of settlements so I'd like you to focus on : caves or temporary camps; the start of roundhouses and stone settlements ; hillforts.


These are just some of the key settlements from our large period of history, you are welcome to investigate any others that you come across.  Miss Manley recommends looking at Skara Brae- it is an important archeological site that shows how people lived 5,000 years ago! It is still intact so you can see exactly how they lived! 


As always you can present your work how you like. You could do a poster with a few facts and drawings or a PowerPoint presentation with some simple facts.


If you want to go really wild and get crafty you can have a go at making your own settlements! You could do this anyway you like (as long as your parents are okay with your creations)! Minecraft, lego, making a den in the house, spare cardboard, the choice is yours! You could even see if you can make some animals to go with your creation- there might be a sabre toothed tiger or a mammoth strolling past your cave! 


For those of you that want to push your learning further have a think about the following questions:

  • Why did people change where/ how they lived?
  • Why were hillforts important? (Clue: think about what happens at the end of the Iron Age)
  • What can we find out from Skara Brae?
  • Why is Skara Brae important?
  • Who would they have lived with?
  • What would you have found inside one of their houses?

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