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Reading Comprehension - Prediction (Day 3 of 3)



Prediction is simply having a sensible (educated) 'guess' at what comes next based on the evidence and facts you have read or seen. It is not a 'wild guess' but should be based on the actual facts our have and backed up with real ideas from the text ... not just grabbed from the air!


Use the skills we have learnt in class using I THINK ... BECAUSE ...


Load up and read through the PowerPoint below. This will introduce you to "Predicting Pip" and the type of questions he will be asking you after you read each short piece of text over the next 3 days.


There are 2 PowerPoints and 2 tasks below. One is aimed at Year 2 and the other for Year 3. You can choose your own level of difficulty ... or even do both if you prefer.


Once you have read the short piece of text, complete the questions. The answers are on the last sheet ... so no cheating! PLEASE CHECK YOUR WORK WITH THE ANSWER SHEET BEFORE HANDING IN YOUR WORK TO YOUR TEACHER - this will give you a chance to see what you did well with and any questions you made a mistake on, with a chance to correct and reflect on what the answer should have been and why.