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Mindfulness - Happiness Playlist

This week as part of our mindfulness session we would like you to choose 10 songs that make you and your family feel happy! 


In these dark, gloomy months when we're stuck at home it's important to keep ourselves as happy as possible and like you know from last week, music is one of the things that can help us do this! 


You can present your Top 10 'Song that Make You Happy' anyway you like. You could do this as a PowerPoint. You could write this as a list on Word or on paper. If you really wanted to you could just pop it in the private message back to us on the Google Classroom task. 


If you wanted to, you could add reasons why you chose these songs (as the example does) and/or you could even include your own 'artwork' for this playlist. This could be a family picture or a favourite drawing. Something that makes you feel happy. 


Take a look at Miss Manley's example below to see her Top 10 Happy songs.....But please don't judge her too much! wink

Mindfulness - Top 10 Happy songs with Miss M!.mp4

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