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Reading Comprehension - Sequencing (Year 2 Review) - Day 1 of 3



This week we are reviewing a skill from Year 2 that some children still get a bit muddled with.


SEQUENCING is simply getting things into the order that they happen (we also use this when we think about timelines in history, for example).


In a sequencing task, you might be asked to put different events in the order that they happened from first to last. Sometimes sequencing is used to think about events that happened in a day and put them in the order in which they occurred (like you might do in a diary ... or even a police interview recount!).


Load up and read through the PowerPoint below. This will introduce you to "Sequencing Suki" and the type of questions he will be asking you after you read each short piece of text over the next 3 days.


There is just 1 PowerPoint and 1 task below for the comprehensions this week. It is aimed at Year 2, with no Year 3 task, as by Year 2 you are presumed to be 'professional' with sequencing and all know how to do it easily! So let's review the Year 2 comprehension skill and make sure we didn't miss this back in Fairway, so are fully skilled up for Year 3 in Copthorne Junior!


Once you have read the short piece of text, complete the questions. The answers are on the last sheet ... so no cheating! PLEASE CHECK YOUR WORK WITH THE ANSWER SHEET BEFORE HANDING IN YOUR WORK TO YOUR TEACHER - this will give you a chance to see what you did well with and any questions you made a mistake on, with a chance to correct and reflect on what the answer should have been and why.