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History - Stone, Bronze & Iron Age Beliefs (Week 1 of 2)

People's beliefs can really influence how they live and this was no different for people in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. As these periods of time took place before written records, not much is known about their beliefs. Historians rely on the work of archaeologists, who find the artefacts, to know what people believed during this time. 


Your task this week is to make an informative poster or PowerPoint about the beliefs of people in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age using the video PowerPoint information below.


You can present this any way you like but you must make sure it's clear what people believed when (as there are some changes). 


If you would like to do your own extra research you can! You could do this task on your own or work on it with a friend via Zoom or FaceTime. 


You have TWO weeks for this task. 


Look at some examples from last year to give you some inspiration, the link will be below. 

Miss Manley's Information PowerPoint