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Sadly, a new half term marks the end of your topic on Judaism. 


However, something equally as interesting is approaching....EASTER! 


This week Mrs Bennett would like you to have a look through her PowerPoint on symbols associated with Easter and have a go at answering the questions. There will be five slides of symbols and the questions will be on slide 6. 


The questions are: 

Slide 1:  What can you see?  How are these connected to Easter?
Slide 2:  What are these, what do you like to have on yours?  What is the name of this day?  What is the historic or religious reason for this?  What day comes after?  What is the name for the time that comes after this day?  How long does it last?
Slide 3:  What is the cross made of?  Why? 
Slide 4:  What is this?  Why does it have a cross on it?  When is it eaten? 

Slide 5:  What is this?  When is it given?  Why is it given?  What does it represent?


Please can you write your answers down on a bit of paper OR in the private comments box when you submit the task.