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PSHE- Wellbeing

As we enter another half term of home learning, we thought it would be nice for you to have a bit of a 'calm' session. Adults are welcome to join in too! 


To start this session we would like you to try some mindfulness activities. Have a go at the breathing exercise and then choose which guided meditation you'd like to do. Mindfulness is all about paying full attention to something. Often in life we are very busy, rushing and multitasking to get things done. It's good to take some time out to relax and focus only on one thing. 


After you've done your chosen meditation, we'd like you to have a go at writing down a list of positive statements about yourself. This could be something you're good at, any talents you have or just simply something you like about yourself. Try and come up with as many as you can. Put this up somewhere at home so you can be reminded daily how fantastic you all are. 

Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

OPTION 1: Guided Meditation | Your Secret Treehouse| Relaxation for Kids

OPTION 2: Guided Meditation for Children | THE GRATITUDE TREE | Kids Meditation for Happiness

OPTION 3: Guided Meditation for Children | The FAIRY GARDEN | Kids Relaxation

OPTION 4: Guided Meditation for Kids | Spaceship to the Moon | Relaxation for Children