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PSHE - Wellbeing

Making regular opportunities to look after our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing is incredibly important. Therefore, we felt it was time for another PSHE session! 


This week we would like you to have another go at participating in the mindfulness breathing exercise and a guided meditation. Follow the link below to find the videos from Week 6. 

Your main task this week is to create a 'Zones of Regulation' board that you and your family can use regularly at home. As you have all used the Zones of Regulation in school, see if you can explain what it means to your parents.  In school, we normally use the characters from INSIDE OUT to help explain this. Use these characters, or simply the colours of the zones to create your own display. 


You can also come up with a list of activities that you can do at home for when you are in the different zones. E.g. if you are in the green zone you can help around the house and do home learning, in the yellow you may need a run around, in the blue you might want a cuddle or wash your face, if you're in the red you may want a few minutes to yourself and do some deep breathing. 


We may not realise it, but most of us have strategies to help us cope when we are in these zones and help us get back to our 'green zone'. 




Also, we have included a variety of mindfulness colouring pages so please feel free to do some colouring in this session and during the week as a wellbeing break!