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While the school is closed, the teachers have been busy tidying up the (sadly) long-neglected pond area, ready for use by the school in pond dipping, science studies and wildlife conservation.


We tested out the area by doing some pond dipping with some of the Key Worker children coming into school and to our happy surprise, we found some amazing creatures! The school pond may look a bit overgrown, but it is bursting with wildlife! We found frogs, dragonfly larvae and (best of all) NEWTS!


These AMAZING amphibians are becoming increasingly rare as their habitat is sadly destroyed by humans as they build houses and expand farms. But we have lots!


But we think we don't have just any newts ... we think we identified GREAT CRESTED!


If this is the case, our school pond becomes protected by international law! It will be our duty to maintain and develop the habitat area to ensure the safety and growth in numbers of these super-rare animals. WOW!


TASK 1: RESEARCH UK NEWTS (especially the Great Crested)

Watch the videos and read the information sheets attached. There are lots more websites and videos on the internet too. SEE VIDEOS, WEBSITES + HELP RESOURCES BELOW


TASK 2: INFORMATION POSTER ON GREAT CRESTED NEWT (for a display)                                                   and / or

                              PROTECTION / WARNING SIGN (for the pond area)

Using the information from the videos, websites and sheets, make an information page (with pictures) to tell the rest of the school about UK newts and the Great Crested. This will be displayed when we get back to school. You can do this on paper, as a Word document or a PowerPoint if you prefer.

and / or 

Create a really clear, eye-catching, easy-to-understand poster to go on the fence by the pond telling children to be careful and protect the newts in our pond.


Finished work can be emailed in as documents or photos ... but please save them all for display when we get back. Thanks

Great Crested Newts - How can we protect them?

BBC - Great Crested Newt

8 minute documentary giving you all the main facts about the Great Crested Newt and the reasons it is becoming endangered

Newts on BBC Springwatch (2017)

Looks at using special 'newt traps' to record numbers and types of newt in ponds