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New Message 22nd May 2020


We would like to say a huge thank you to both parents and children for all your support and hard work this summer term. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their home learning, we enjoy seeing all your brilliant work. Next week is half term. There are some fun activities under the half term link (in home learning tasks summer one) if you are feeling a little creative and do not know what to do. These are completely optional! Just to note, we are working very hard to reply to all your lovely emails, but as there are lots of children in both classes our responses may not be received the same day. Therefore, if you do not receive a response before half term, we will focus on replying to your lovely emails as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your half term. You all deserve a well-earned restful break. 


Take care, 


Mrs Huxley and Miss Baker 

Easter holidays are nearly here!


Hello Year 4,


We wish you a Happy Easter break.  We hope you enjoy your two weeks’ rest, which is well deserved after your fantastic learning at school and at home this Spring Term. 


If you are feeling a little creative over the holidays and do not know what to do, we have attached a list of fun activities which you could have a go at in your spare time.  These are completely optional!


After Easter, we will be setting specific weekly home-learning tasks for you to complete in addition to the learning resources which can be found on the website.  Watch this space for more details on Monday 20th April 2020.  


Happy Easter everybody!


Miss Baker and Mrs Huxley

New Links! *Updated Monday 30th March 2020*


Happy Monday everyone!


Have a look at the links below for recently added content. 


Also, don't forget to use the countless free resources on Discovery Education ESPRESSO with videos, activities, games and quizzes for ALL subjects.


Keep safe as a family. Thank you for your ongoing support. 


Miss Baker and Mrs Huxley 

Original Message (March 2020)


Dear Year 4, 


Included on this page is a wide range of ideas, activities and links that you can do at home during the school closure. Please feel free to access other student pages should you find this necessary. For example, if you are finding any of these learning packs too tricky, please access the Year 3 student page. If you are not sure where to start with your home learning, daily activities could include:


  • Reading
  • Practising times tables and number facts
  • Revising previous spelling lists or the 'words I need to know' at the back of the home-school contact diary
  • Completing 2 or 3 activities in the home learning section of this page 


We have also uploaded the most recent Anglo-Saxon homework map. Perhaps you could have a go at these fun activities too! 


Take care and best wishes,


Miss Baker and Mrs Huxley 

Current Year 4 Topic Homework March/April 2020