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Music - Choose your own :)



After a beautiful hot, sunny bank holiday weekend, we thought it was time for some music! Music is amazing at making you feel happy and putting a smile on your face; a little song can really change your day.


Over the next TWO weeks, you can pick TWO of these THREE options (one for each week). So, which option will you choose? Follow the tabs at the bottom of the page to find your resources once you've made your choice. Have fun laugh



This option is all about how you perform with your instrument and having a bit of fun. For many of you, this will be your voice but feel free to have a go at using other instruments if you have them at home! You can choose any song you like for your performance. However, we would still like you to practise some key skills to make your performing even better (after all, Miss Manley has performed at the O2 arena so she knows what she's talking about).

Key Skills:

1.Keep in time to the music. This means following the beat of the music and making sure you aren't going too fast or too slow. 

2. Try and stay in tune. This can be a tricky one but listen carefully to the music- there will often be clues to the notes you should be singing/playing. 

3. Volume. When you're singing remember to have your mouths open wide so more sound can escape! This means that people can hear your voice without you shouting! 


Which song will you have a go at? Feel free to send in pictures or videos of the final performance! 



This option gives you the opportunity to 'make your own kind of music'. (Anybody get the reference?) 

Here are a couple of ideas as to how you can do this: 


1. Enlist your families and become an 'African Market Place'! Using the words coco, yam, cassava and okra how many different combinations of tunes can you make? Miss Manley and Dr James did this when they were training to become teachers (see their strange versions in the composition folder belowcheeky). 


2. Make an instrument with some odds and ends at home and create your own little tunes to play. Is there a certain way to play your instrument to make different sounds? 


3. If you have any instruments at home already try and experiment with how you play them to create different sounds. Then you can put this all together to create your own song! 



If performing and composing isn't for you then have a go at this task. Listening to music properly is a great skill. It means that you can really hear different instruments that are being played as well as identifying the tone of the piece (is it happy or sad etc?). Appraising means being able to give your opinions and feelings about what you are listening to. Films often rely on music to help move the story on or to help set the mood.


For this option, we'd like you to listen to a few songs from the film Labyrinth. Most of you have seen this and know a little bit about what happens in the film. When you are listening to each of the songs have a think about these questions... Do you like the music? What do you think is going on in the film? How do you feel listening to it? What instruments can you hear? Write down these thoughts as you're listening to each piece. 


As always, please contact your teachers if you need any further help or advice.