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Mr T's Poem to 3T

A Poem for the Amazing 3T of 2019-20

Where has this amazing year suddenly gone?

It seems like yesterday from Fairway you came from.

So before we charge into Year 4,

Bursting out of Mr T’s door,

Let’s remember the adventures we’ve all been on!


In English we studied books of drama, excitement and fun,

From a web owned by Charlotte, to a story about a rat on the run.

Tales of Seawigs never before heard,

A myth about a magnificent Firebird,

And a pebble born in volcanoes as hot as the sun!


3T learnt to make real fires using flint and steel,

Upon which they were allowed to cook their own meal.

Though when I say ‘food’,

Not being rude,

They actually ate gooey marshmallows to make them squeal!


We made wigs from recycling to put over our hair,

Created shadow-puppet shows full of artistic flair!

Coded amazing games to play,

Learnt about predators and prey,

Visiting a Wildlife Centre to touch real hedgehogs … if we dare!


Sadly, things got complicated during early summer time.

School closed and Year 3 was stopped in its prime.

Home Learning began,

With email the game plan,

But Mr T not seeing 3T again was the worst of all crimes!


But it’s our great memories we should remember and tell.

Of our smiles, our laughter, and fun learning as well.

Though in the blink of an eye,

Almost making us cry,

July has appeared and sounded the end of our magical spell.


Well, that finishes the tale of a glorious (brief) time in Year 3.

It is time to say goodbye, farewell, go run free!

You were all heroes and stars,

So when you write your memoirs,

Hopefully you’ll remember the adventures with ol’ Mr T!


Mr T of Year 3 (July 2020)