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Maths - Time

Maths- Summer Term Week 8 and 9- Time

"What's the time Mr Wolf?" It's time to learn about time again! 


Learning to tell the time and understand it, is a very important skill to learn while you're young! However, it can be quite tricky to learn and if you don't practise what you know regularly your skills can be lost. By the end of Year 2, children should know how to write and tell time to the five minutes including quarter past/to and be able to draw the hands on the clock. By the end of Year 3, they should be able to write and tell time to the nearest minute and use language associated with time. 


You'll remember we practised our time skills at the start of the Spring term and managed to gain some 'Time Lords' in the year group! A 'Time Lord' is someone who can read and write time accurately to the nearest minute. Who will join them this time round?


Use the link below to take you to our 'TIME' zone on our normal year group resources. Click on 'reading the time' and 'writing the time' links to find the worksheets for this week. (We know there are a couple of clock faces that are the same- this is to keep the children on their toes!) 


If you need any help or advice please contact your teacher.

Year 3 Time Lords - Work from the 'Masters of Time'