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Maths Task - Multiplication



As you spent last week refreshing your knowledge about division, we thought it would be good for you to have another look at multiplication. 


At the start of the Spring Term we taught you how to multiply using the expanded method (long). This is our preferred method as it is clearly laid out using place value columns (a big focus in Year 3) and helps children learn compact method. However, there are plenty of other useful methods for multiplication such as using arrays, repeated addition and grid method.   It is now time to have another go and improve/refresh our knowledge further. 


This week you have a choice. You can either use the worksheets attached to complete the activities OR  you can carry on using The Maths Factor website. If you choose to use The Maths Factor, we suggest you either start on Topic 17 if you aren't feeling too confident or go straight to Topic 21. Check the pictures below to see the suggested modules. (Topic 21 is at the start of the 'Pioneer' zone because it is a tutoring website and children are expected to be able to do formal methods of multiplication by Year 5.) 


Please continue to keep practising your times tables- it can be tricky to solve multiplication questions if you don't know them! 


If you need any help or advice please contact Miss Manley and Mr T. smiley

The Maths Factor

Year 3 Multiplication (Expanded Method) TO x O

This video (explained by a helpful Year 3 child) explains how to do the expanded method EXACTLY as we have done in school. Have a watch if you need to see how the expanded method is done.

(Remember that the 'ones' column is the same as 'units')

Year 3 Multiplication Compact Method TO x O

This video (from another helpful Year 3 child) explains how to do the compact (short) method of multiplication. It shows that you need to carry over the ten, just as we do for column addition!

Year 3 - Summer Week 3 - Multiplication Home Learning