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Maths Task - Board Games

Maths- Summer Term Week 11- Board Games 

Use the Maths sessions this week to create your own Maths board game. You can do this however you like...the good old fashioned way on paper/ card OR use your tech skills and make it on Word or PowerPoint. The choice is yours. 


Some of the best Maths board games involve asking and answering questions! Try and use as much of your Year 3 knowledge as possible in your games! Remember over the course of the year we have covered: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, problem solving, money, mass, length, temperature, volume/capacity, fractions, 2D shapes, 3D shapes and time. You can choose any design you like, or feel free to copy/use the templates below.


Spend at least 1 session planning your game carefully (including the questions and answers) and then make sure you have plenty of time to play your game! You will probably need to write some rules for your game too! 


Send your creations to your teachers so they can share your brilliant ideas on the website. 


Maths Board Games