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Maths (Miss W)

Summer Term - Week 1 - Decimals


Hi all!


The White Rose Maths group have produced some fantastic home learning resources which we're going to be using over the next few weeks. There are 5 (daily) lessons per week. This week it's all about decimals!


As this is the first time we're using this, we're a little behind with the week number so please carefully read the instructions below to find out which week we're following.


1) Visit


2) You'll be taken to this page. Click on the very top tab which says 'Week 1'. Ignore where it says 'Summer Term... w/c 20 April' as we're not following the sequence at the same time!


2) Your screen should then look like this:


3) Watch the video clip then complete the activity where it says 'Get the Activity'. If you don't have a printer, don't worry! You can copy the questions into your yellow home learning books you were given or other paper.


4) Double check your working out then click on 'Get the Answers' and mark your work yourself. If you got any incorrect, try to work out where you made a mistake. You could watch the video again to help.


On Monday, complete lesson 1 on decimals up to 2dp (which means 2 digits after the decimal place).

On Tuesday, complete lesson 2 on decimals as fractions (1).

On Wednesday complete lesson 3 on decimals as fractions (2) and so on...


Hopefully that all makes sense! Email me if you have any questions!


Have a great week!

Miss Warsap