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Great British (Year 3) Bake Off - "On your marks. Get set. BAKE!"

Inspirational Introduction Video with Famous Baker 'Chef Turner'

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Starring Mr T as 'The Teacher' and Chef Turner as the 'Legendary French Baker'


On Your Marks! Get Set! BAKE!


Hopefully you chose your recipe earlier in the week and made a decision on what type of Great British (Year 3) Baking triumph you want to create.


Is going to be a pyramid of fairy cakes, a stack of cookies, a tray of brownies, a fruit (or savoury) pie, or maybe even a single huge cake on its own? So many choices ... but what will you bake today?


Whatever your choice, now it is time to get into the kitchen, measure out the ingredients carefully and get baking!


Remember, the baking is just one part of the 'Great British (Year 3) Bake Off Challenge'. So, as you bake, remember that you will also need to complete:

  • The persuasive poster of you (self-portrait) and your bake (Wednesday task)
  • The packaging to put your bake inside (Thursday task)
  • Write simple step-by-step instructions (with list of ingredients and (if possible) some photos)
  • Get a review (taste test!) from the rest of the family of the final bake you make!


Once you have finished ... "SHOW US YOUR BAKES!" (as they say on 'Bake Off - Extra Slice!') but sending in a photo of comment about your adventures in the kitchen.