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Follow the link below to the White Rose Maths website. This week, you are to complete the daily activities for Summer Week 4


Did you know that BBC Bitesize Daily have teamed with White Rose Maths to provide additional Maths videos? The daily BBC videos will match White Rose lessons - look on the BBC Bitesize website for the lessons.


On Monday: Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers by integers
On Tuesday: Multiply fractions by fractions
On Wednesday: Divide fractions by integers
On Thursday: Fractions of amounts applied in context e.g. money, measures etc.


NEW SYSTEM for accessing WRM materials!

WRM has changed the way it is providing materials for home learning and is no longer providing its worksheets for free. We have, therefore, subscribed to WRM as a school and will be providing the worksheets to you directly by uploading them to this Maths home learning page.


To do your Maths homelearning, first go the White Rose website to watch the daily lesson video clip. Then, come back to this Year 6 page and scroll down this page to find the activities and answers.


If you don't have a printer, don't worry. You can copy the questions onto paper. Double check your working out, then check your answers and mark your work yourself. If you got any incorrect, try to work out where you made a mistake. You could watch the video again to help. Please mark your own work before emailing it to your teachers.


Lessons change weekly and you will receive new instructions from your teachers every Monday about what we would like you to complete.

For the Friday Challenge, go the the White Rose home learning webpage for Year 6 - they will upload it later in the week