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Maths - Mult. & Div. (Day 7) - Divide 2-digit by 1-digit (Part 3)

Multiplication and Division - Week 6 - Lesson 7

Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (Part 3)

Over the last week before half term, we are continuing to focus on our skills with multiplication and division.


The times tables being used are those targeted by the Year 3 curriculum of x2, x3, x4, x5, x8 and x10. These need to be learnt by heart (forwards, backwards (division facts - e.g. how many 3s make 27?) and in a random order). You need to practice these at home and on Times Table Rock Stars to really know these without thinking (instant recall).


All the tasks below, along with the link to a really clear step-by-step teaching video, will be sent to your Google Classroom account as well as attached below.


Each day there will be a PowerPoint lesson (sometimes 2) to watch, then a task sheet (PDF or Word document) to complete. This task sheet is also on an easy-to-read separate page-by-page PowerPoint, allowing you to calculate answers straight onto a single sheet of paper if you prefer.