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Reward Charts


If you're struggling to stay motivated or if you fancy something to jazz up home learning a little, maybe try out a reward chart. You and your families can decide how your incentive will work and what you could earn, e.g. stickers, time doing an activity of your choice.


Below are some charts you could choose from, or you could have a look online or even create your own! smiley

Incentive Ideas:


  1. Praise. It costs nothing. Zilch. Praise their effort, not the achievement.
  2. Hi-5. Acknowledge your child’s achievement with this simple, fun action.
  3. Read a book. Their favourite. And let them choose the time and place.
  4. Play a video clip. One you both like. And save it just for these occasions.
  5. Stay up a little later. But not too late! 5-15 minutes extra depending on your child’s accomplishment and whether it’s a school night or not.
  6. Hot chocolate…or their favourite hot drink.
  7. Do a puzzle. Together, or as a family. But make sure you finish it!
  8. What’s for dinner? Let them choose, not just for them but the whole family.
  9. Bonus screen time. Just a little extra. 15 mins more to say ‘good job’.
  10. Build an obstacle course. Indoor or out. Let your children turn a part of your house or garden into their own temporary obstacle course.
  11. Lick the icing bowl. One for children young and old…when you’re baking.
  12. Choose a film…for you to sit down and watch together as a family.
  13. Be the ‘only child’. Spend some 1:1 time with them if they have siblings.
  14. Bake together. Let them chose the recipe. The messier, the better!
  15. Take and print photos. Grab a camera and have some photo fun. And when you’re done, get them printed. You could then make a scrapbook together. Creative, fun and cheap!
  16. Role reversal. Just for a day. Let your child be the parent and choose where you go, what you do, eat, watch and even go to bed!
  17. Donate old toys. Gather them up, give them a clean and donate to a children’s ward. Your child will see how their old toys benefit others.
  18. Make a pinataTogether. And let your child choose its contents.
  19. Camp out. In the garden. Let them choose where they pitch the tent.
  20. App or Magazine. Buy them their favourite magazine, or that app they’ve been forever pestering you for. They’ve earned it.
  21. Paint a feature wall. Preferably their room. Let them pick the colour.
  22. Save the change. Give your child your loose change – every day for a week – providing they save it for a rainy day.
  23. Choose the tune. In the car or the house. Whatever they choose, goes.
  24. Earn art stuff for creative fun. Great for home or school. And no doubt they probably need them!
  25. Buy an ice cream. Another firm favourite with children and parents alike.
  26. Surprise scavenger hunt. In the house or garden.  Make the clues challenging and the prize worth it. A favourite tasty treat works well.
  27. TV Show. Let them have the remote for the evening or just the hour.
  28. Stickers. Works wonders for young children. But beware, those stickers get EVERYWHERE. That really is part of the fun.
  29. Extra responsibilities. Children crave extra responsibility, like looking after a pet or being given special jobs. But make them earn it!
  30. Earn an item. Just something small which promotes physical activity. A jump rope, football, hula hoop or frisbee all go down a treat.
  31. Day Off Chores. Reward them with a day off from their daily chores.
  32. Tie-dye-tastic. Take an old shirt and add a splash of colour. Or a lot!
  33. Choose a takeaway! Like picking dinner, only better. Your child chooses a takeaway the whole family can enjoy.
  34. Art session! Grab paints, PVA  and get creative and messy together!
  35. Do a fun science experiment! The messier the experiment, the better of course.
  36. Give them a raise! (If they have an allowance.)
  37. Kickabout in the garden with the family.