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History - Stone Age - Archaeology

History- Summer Term Week 4- Archaeology and Artefacts

Now you know a little bit more about how people lived thousands of years ago, it's time to put your archaeologist hats on and start looking at some real artefacts!  Artefacts are really useful as they help historians work out how people lived in the past.


Your task is to watch the videos below to find out more about archaeology and what an archaeologist does. 

Once you've done this have a look through the 'Stone Age Artefacts' presentation to see some of the real life artefacts that have been discovered from the Stone Age! As you're looking at each slide think carefully about the object you are seeing.  What do you think it is? What could it be made of? Who would've used it? If you want to push yourselves further have a think about why it's important- what does it tell us about how people lived in the past?


Don't worry about answering in full sentences, you can just write bullet point notes if this is easier. It is absolutely fine if you aren't sure what the artefact is- have a guess and see if you're right!


BONUS: If you're interested in archaeology why don't you ask your parents if you can dig in a small area of your garden to see what you can find. Remember what you've learnt about how archaeologists do this! On a dig in a previous school, Miss Manley's class found a sweet wrapper from 10 years ago! What will you find? 

What is archaeology?

Proud to be an archaeologist- BBC Teach

Stone Age Artefact Work by Year 3

Stone Age Artefacts - Year 3 Task Work - PDF, Word and PowerPoint Documents