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History - Romans


This half term we will be finding out about our last history topic of Year 3... the Romans! 

The Roman Empire was a dominating force in Europe 2,000 years ago and brought the Iron Age in Britain to 'an end' in 43 AD. Over the next half term, we are going to investigating what life was like in this country 2,000 years ago. 


This week we'll be focussing on where it all started - the Roman invasion of Britain! It might surprise you to find out that the invasion wasn't plain sailing for the powerful Romans. 


The first part of your task this week is to go through the PowerPoint and videos below to find out how the Romans invaded Britain. You may want to make some notes as you go.Then using the information you have just found out have a go at answering this question:


Why did the Romans invade Britain?


In the PowerPoints and videos there will be lots of different reasons that help you answer this question. Pick 3  reasons. We would like these reasons to be presented in P.E.E paragraphs. 


P.E.E stands for: 


POINT   - Give your reason

EVIDENCE   - Back up your reason with a fact

EXPLAIN   - Explain why this is important 


This is EXACTLY the same as our 'I think...because...' answers but you just need to remember to explain why you're right! Have a look at Miss Manley's example if you aren't too sure. 


You can present this work however you like. 


Have fun historians! 

The Roman Empire and Invasion of Britain (Overview of the whole empire)

Horrible Histories HHTV News The Roman Invasion of Britain report