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History - Romans- Resistance

History -Summer Term Week 8- Resistance to the Romans!

This week you will be learning about the resistance to the Romans in Britain. It's safe to say most people in Britain at the time weren't very happy when the Romans arrived as they now had to pay taxes to the Roman Empire. As we found out last week, it was the Roman soldiers jobs to collect these taxes and there were awful consequences for those who disobeyed. So most people, while incredibly annoyed about it, kept quiet to live a peaceful life under Roman rule. 


Boudicca (there are lots of different spellings for her name) was the most famous person to lead a rebellion against the Romans.  


Your task this week is to find out more about Boudicca and answer this question... 'Was Boudicca a hero or a villain?' Think very carefully when you're answering this question and it's okay if you think she's a mixture of the two! Try and explain your answer with facts you've found out from today's work! You can present this how you like... a PowerPoint, a poster OR even a Newsround style video feature! If you want to, you can follow the 'I think...because' or P.E.E answering style. But this session is just about debating this legendary figure of British History! What will Year 3 decide? 



Boudicca wasn't the only one fighting with the Romans. Around the same time the Romans were also having to fight off another army - the Caledonians.  Once you've decided if Boudicca's a hero or a villain, find out more about the Caledonian threat to the Romans. Do you still stand by your answer about Boudicca?


If you need any help or advice let your teacher know. 

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