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History - Roman Army

History- Summer Term Week 7- The Roman Army
Last week, we found out how the Romans finally conquered Britain. There were lots of reasons WHY they did this but it's safe to say they couldn't have done it without their powerful army! By 43 AD, the Roman army was enormous and was able to assert its power across the whole Roman Empire. 


In History, we often learn about the BIG major events or important people of the time. This week, we're going to learn about the everyday people that helped the Roman emperors and the army succeed- the soldiers. 


Your task this week is to write about the daily life for a Roman soldier. This will need to include what they wore, any jobs they did and what they ate! Please feel free to include lots of other interesting facts too. You could do this as a diary entry, a PowerPoint presentation or even a poster page. The choice is yours. Use the presentation and the videos below to help you get all the information you need. 


Please let Miss M or Mr T know if you'd like any help or advice. 


What Was Life Like? Meet a Roman Legionary

Soldiers in Roman Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

Daily Life of a Roman Soldier - By the Year 3 Centurions!