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Ancient Mayans


This term, we are learning about the ancient Mayans. Here are your tasks:

1) Create an Ancient Maya mind map. Show what you already know and write down a list of questions that you would like to find out.

2) Look at the two PowerPoints below. Now, go back to your mind map and edit it to add more facts and questions you have.

3) Consider the similarities and differences between ancient religions and religions today by creating your own fact file about two Mayan gods and use this research to design your own Mayan god. Consider what they would be god of, choosing appropriate physical features and personality characteristics. Drawing on your existing knowledge of other ancient civilisations and religions, can you explain what the common features of religions are?


Should you want to do more, consider designing and creating a mask or headdress representing your Mayan god. You could read Mayan myths or stories about gods and re-tell one of these in your own words.