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History - Stonehenge (Part 1)

Over the next two weeks, we will be finding out more about of the greatest prehistoric landmarks in the world which makes it a World Heritage Site! Very special indeed. 


This week is Part 1 where you will find out more about Stonehenge, answer some questions and play a game. 


Your video lesson will be courtesy of the English Heritage, the charity that looks after Stonehenge and the land is is built on. 


First, watch the video to gain all the key facts you need to know. This video is only 8 minutes long (you can stop at the credits!)


Then, can you have a go at answering the following questions: 


What's the most interesting fact you've found out?

What would you like to know more about?

What do you think Stonehenge was used for? 


You can write your answers in the private comments box when you turn in your work on Google Classroom. 


Finally, please have a go at the 'Building Stonehenge' game. You really have to think carefully about the best methods! My Stonehenge has collapsed twice! broken heart You can take a picture of you having a go at the game or send in a picture of your final score... how well will you do?

Stonehenge Education Film