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History - Stonehenge (Part 2)

Stonehenge Artefacts

In our final History lesson of Home Learning we will be looking at the artefacts that have been discovered at Stonehenge.  


Today we will be looking at just 6 items that have been recovered from the Stonehenge site, however there are many more to see at the Visitor's Centre if you ever get a chance to visit. 


Like you did when we had our mini 'Egyptian museum' your task is to look at each of the artefacts and answer these key questions on the sheet attached: 


What is it? What is it made out of? What does it tell us about Stonehenge? 


You can, of course, write more notes on each objects but please try and aim to answer these. It really doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, just look carefully and have a go! These notes should be bullet points or sentences. 


Miss Manley will do a video lesson talking you through each object. This will be posted to Google Classroom. She will also do a quick video revealing what the artefacts are...please only look at this the end of the lesson! 


Have fun!

Stonehenge Artefacts