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History - Stone Age Timeline

This week I would like you to practise your timeline skills again, this will help your chronological knowledge.


We have done this twice in school and I would now like you to have a go at your own version, creating a timeline to show the start of the Stone Age all the way through to the end of the Iron Age. Please choose at least 9 dates/events from the Stone Age to the Iron Age (including the Bronze Age) for your timelines.


This information can be found in the PDFs below. You can present this anyway you like: a Word document, a PowerPoint, handwritten (like my exemplar) ,or something more creative! Do this task in small bitesize chunks- find your events first with their dates, then you can try to order these afterwards. There is a mini presentation about timelines and chronology, which will help jog your memory about BC and AD dates. Some of the information included in the documents below will be ordered, some won't. Use the ordered ones to help you. If you're finding it tricky just choose 2 dates from each period of history and add them to your timeline, so you have 6 in total.


Please click on the link below if you'd like to look at some of examples from last year! If you find that you get this done quite quickly or you want to find out more look at the 'Introduction' PowerPoints below to find out more!