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H A L F   T E R M   B R E A K


Thank you to all those amazing Year 3 children who have worked so hard over the last 5 weeks to produce some amazing work, much of which is on display in the various week-by-week task galleries or in various other galleries across the Year 3 Zone. Mr Turner and Miss Manley have been impressed by your energy, attention to detail and effort to produce such amazing work while the school has been closed. Well done to you all.


Over half term, we would like you, firstly and foremost, to have a rest from all your daily work and enjoy the great outdoors and warm sunshine.


Now that we are all allowed to go out and about away from home (always respecting social distancing!), we would like you to get outside, go exploring and have some family fun in the sun!


However, we also know that you like a few ideas during your breaks to keep you busy, so we have a few suggestions:


Half Term Optional Task 1: Take photos for our Year 3 Half Term Gallery

When you are out and about, take some photos of Mother Nature in full summer bloom. Flowers, plants and animals are all over the place, so what image can you capture to make your friends smile?


Half Term Optional Task 2: Catch-up on missed learning from Weeks 1-5

Missed a few tasks over the last half term? Well, it is never too late to catch-up! If you get some spare time, look back over the last 5 weeks of writing, maths, science, geography, history etc... and see what you missed and 'fill in the gaps'.


Half Term Optional Task 3: Cookery!

Wow! Year 3 LOVE to cook. Whether it is home baking, savoury dishes or the odd BBQ, you have been sending in 100s of photos and recipes of you busy in the kitchen. Well, over half term, continue to amaze us with your cookery skills. Maybe try something new from our Year 3 Cooking Zone, create a recipe or your own or perhaps turn your hand to some grilling over the BBQ coals. Have some fun and send us in your pictures and ideas!


Hopefully at some point after half term, Year 3 will be returning to school for some lessons back in the classroom. In the meantime, enjoy your break and enjoy the warm summer sunshine!


Mr Turner and Miss Manley

Links to Recipe Ideas in the Year 3 Cookery Zone