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Grammar Tasks - Review of Skills



For the last 5 weeks we have said that "Grammar skills are often better taught in small bitesize chunks and then revisited a few days or weeks later to review and practice."


This week's grammar tasks are all about going back and reviewing what you have learnt and can remember.


Below is the link to the Year 3 Grammar Zone. In it you will find links to ALL the grammar tasks from the last 5 weeks.


Have a chat at home and decide what you would like to review and improve your skills with. Try to choose something you know you need to look at again because you were either a bit shaky or know you could do with another quick look!


You can choose 3 different grammar tasks, or use the week to refine your skills to perfect one area.


Areas to choose could be:

  • Apostrophe of contraction / possession
  • Conjunctions
  • Inverted Commas (speech marks)
  • There, their or they're?
  • To, too or two?
  • Was or were?
  • A or an?
  • Adverbs
  • Antonyms and synonyms


TOP TIP - I think everyone could do with a review of INVERTED COMMAS (speech marks) as lots are using them 'nearly correctly', but still missing out the comma for a pause before the speech starts ... and the capital letter for the first word within the speech itself.

Some of the 'Grammar Skill Review' work from Year 3 this week