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Grammar - Editing & Improving - Letter to Mrs Francis


A Letter to Mrs Francis ... by Mr T


After all your hard work at home during Lockdown 3, Mr Turner has come up with a great idea for the children of Year 3 to be rewarded ... how about asking for an extra mid-afternoon break?


As such, Mr T has written an epic letter to Mrs Francis to request this happen.


However, Mr T showed it to Miss Manley, who, after reading it, politely said that perhaps it needs a 'bit of work'.


Mr T has no idea what she is talking about ... but has agreed to let the children of Year 3 have a look and make the 'one or two' very small changes that might (or might not!) be needed.


Here it is (and also on a Word and PDF to edit below):


deer mrs francis,

i fink thee kids in yeer free knead a extrer brake in thee afternoon. thay arr extreeemli  hard werking and alwayz tri they’re best i now that thay wood bee frilled if u wood allow them too ave an ‘brane brake’  four 10 minits befour gettin on wive more lernin.

pleeze right bake soon wive you replie.

cheers me matey,

mr tea


Personally, Mr T cannot spot any problems ... but is willing to admit he was a bit tired when he wrote it!


TASK: Read, edit and improve the letter

Read over Mr T's letter. Have a think. Can you spot anything that needs changing?


You can then either edit one of the documents below (Word or PDF), crossing out or highlighting mistakes and putting in corrections. If you prefer, you can re-write it again onto paper or type into Google Docs or Word.


Letter to Mrs Francis by Mr T - Documents you can edit (or re-write your own copy if you prefer)