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Internet Safety Competition - Design and Online Safety Superhero


Create a Poster of Your Own "Internet Safety Superhero!"


An online safety charity called the Breck Foundation have launched an exciting online safety superhero competition for primary schools. We are going to have our own internal school competition where a winner will be chosen from each class, and their entry will be submitted to the Breck Foundation.


Superheroes are people that have super-human abilities that allow them to protect people and save lives. These abilities can include, flying, invisibility and possessing super strength! However, superheroes can also be people we meet in everyday life who work to help others and keep them safe. These people can include teachers, doctors and nurses, police officers and even our parents! How cool!



  • First watch this Newsround video with reminders on how to stay safe online:
  • Go through the Superhero PowerPoint Presentation
  • Create your own online safety superhero! You will need to draw and label a picture of your superhero. 


Whilst you’re planning your design you could listen to some superhero music to help .


You will need to include: 

● A name for the superhero 

● A costume/outfit that represents their super power or skill 

● Labels to show the characteristics (powers / skills) of their superhero 

● A sentence or paragraph explaining how they save children from the bad things online (e.g. bad words/swearing, rude people, scams, strangers asking for photos or videos, people who pretend to be your friend but then trick you etc...)


Now have a look through the PowerPoint and posters for information about the competition and how to design your own online safety superhero below. There are also some template to get your started!


It is a chance to remind yourself of the kinds of dangers that might lurk in cyberspace and how to keep yourself safe online. We would like everybody to participate in Safer Internet Day 2021 by completing this activity.


You need to submit this task on Google Classroom by Tuesday 9th February, with class winners to be announced on Friday 12th February.


Good luck!


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