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Geography Task



To get you back into practice with exploring the world, this week we are starting with you having a look at the new "Where on Earth is Mr T Today?" zone on the front page of the Year 3 area.


CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. Your task is to choose a day, look at the photos, read Mr T's notes and then do some research on the country.


Suggested tasks could be:

  1. Find the country on a map or on Google Earth
  2. What is the capital city?
  3. Work out which compass direction I would have to travel from London to get there - maybe even Google the distance
  4. Find out one or two (or more!) interesting facts about this country (maybe about the weather, landscape, animals or food?)


An example for the country of France is attached below.


There is also a document in this area of all Mr T's travels over the years for you to have a look at too. Mary-Jane asked for this and completed some fantastic mapping work ... you are more than welcome to join her smiley


Please email in any fantastic information you discover, or photos of maps you create yes


Any problems or questions (including curiosity about the what and why of my travels!), just email Mr T - wink

Below are some examples of the fantastic work completed by Year 3 with this Geography task (no copying, please!). Some amazing information, facts and maps about places I have visited. Well done to you all :-) 

Some photo examples of the excellent Year 3 research on the countries Mr T has visited