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Geography Task Copthorne Junior: Then and Now



Comparing Copthorne Junior School: Then and Now!


As part of becoming a 'Copthorne Detective' and an expert in local geography and history, we need to look at the past to understand why Copthorne looks the way it does today.


For our first task, we want you to look at how Copthorne Junior School has changed since being built around 150 years ago.


Look through the photos below (you can download or print them if you prefer) of how Copthorne School used to look. Some of the pictures date right back to Victorian times! I love the old class photo from 1916 (wow!) taken right outside Mr T's classroom where the alleyway is.


The school building, the Green outside, the teachers and the pupils have changed a LOT over 150 years!


Look carefully at the pictures. Try to spot what has changed. Look for differences in:

  • The road outside the school
  • The oak tree (ever wonder why it was our school badge? Now you know!)
  • What the children (and teachers) wear and look like
  • The school building (what is missing / been added?)
  • The school fence/gates (or lack of!)
  • How the Green seems to have been used


TASK - Use the photo evidence to identify and write about changes over time you can see in Copthorne Junior School


In your own words, write about the differences you can see in how Copthorne School, the children and surrounding area have changed over the last 150 years. Think about how the school looks today (maybe go and have a quick look!) and what it used to look like. You can print off some of the photos and add these in if you want to - or maybe add them into a PowerPoint or Word document.


If you find it easier, write in sections for each difference/change you spot. LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE FROM Mr T BELOW TO HELP GET YOU STARTED.

Copthorne Junior School - Pictures from the last 150 years!

EXAMPLE - Copthorne Junior School: Then and Now (by Mr T)