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Friday 20th March



Dear all,


In the curriculum subject folders below, you will find resources and links to tasks and activities that Year 3 children can work on at home while the school is closed. This process takes a while to organise and upload, but all the missing resources should be in place shortly.


In the folders, you will find a huge variety of different activities that cover most of the learning we have covered in Year 3 so far this year, as well as easier Year 2 activities for anyone finding the Year 3 content a bit tricky. There are also plenty of extra challenges for those than want to try them!


We will regularly update the Year 3 area with advice on home schooling, including suggestions on how to structure the week, subject areas to practice and ways to keep both the mind and body fit and healthy during the time away from school.


If you want any help, advice or for us to upload any specific resources or activities, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best wishes to everyone,


Mr Turner and Miss Manley