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Fitness Task - 2.6 Challenge



Last week the London Marathon (over 26 miles) did not take place. But that shouldn't stop us all having a go at something similar at home! 


The idea is that people choose a challenge, any challenge at all, related to the numbers 2.6 or 26 (the number of miles in a marathon, plus the date the event would have taken place).


You can run or walk 2.6 miles, 2.6 km or for 26 minutes.


CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW to find out more information about the "2.6 Challenge"


You could do the same in your home or garden, go up and down the stairs 26 times, juggle for 2.6 minutes, do a 26 minute exercise class or get 26 people on a video call and do a 26 minute workout - anything you like!


Come up with an idea for an exercise you (and maybe your whole family) could do for 2.6 miles (or km) or 26 minutes. Set it up ... and go for it!


You could try Yoga, roller skating, cycling, karate, tampolining, walking, YouTube fitness video ... anything you at all.


Just remember to tell Mr T and Miss Manley what you did ... and don't forget some photos!

Stars join general public to take on 2.6 challenge following London Marathon postponement | ITV News

Louis Completes the 2.6 Challenge! Well done!

Louis Completes the 2.6 Challenge! Well done! 1